Centrodyne Taxi Meters

Centrodyne taxi meters are among the finest instruments you can buy. They are made sturdily, easy to program, simple to operate and dependable.
They come with mounting parts and wiring harness, and our instructions for set-up. We can pre-program then for you too! Centrodyne taximeters
quickly and easily adapt to your vehicle's distance signaling system, and we provide support for your outfitter/installer from decades of experience
and technical expertise. We don't just ship and forget it. We help you get your money-making vehicle up and functioning. Click on the pictures below,
or call us in California 760-345-4347 or e-mail us fred@taxicabelectronics.com for more information. We use the PayPal system for secure credit
card purchases, and accept your credit card by phone if you prefer. Using PayPal protects us both because we never need to see your credit card
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Centrodyne Silent 610 Taximeter no longer available     

610 Out The Centrodyne Silent 610 meter has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
We suggest you choose the Centrodyne S700 meter, or the Pulsar 2030 taximeter.

Centrodyne Silent 620 Taximeter     $365.00 

  Printing Taxi Meter with 610 features & quality!
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Centrodyne Meters with Remote Printers, also available. Click the pictures below.
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S700 S700+P160 C160
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